I consciously attempt to avoid the idea of writing my name in a sentence which more or less begins with, "Hi! My name is Aman Shakya..." Too cliché, isn't it ? Well, the inescapable awkward part is almost over now so let me tell you something about myself since you have found time to click on my page out of a billion websites that are on the internet. I can't be any more delighted, can I ? 😄

Well, it all started while I was doing my Undergrad studies in Information Technology back in 2010 from Thailand. That was the time when I picked up my camera and started shooting everything that seemed strange to me, and if it wasn't strange by nature, I made sure that somehow it did. Photographs can incite wild imaginations closer to the inner mind than to any outward physical existence.Well, let's just say I love the idea of seeing my subjects in a way they usually aren't while making still images in an unusual yet sensible ways. Not that I'm weird though.🙊 Actually, let's take a step back here and let me rephrase that for you, I meant the images may seem unrealistic by nature but you can't deny that there is always some hidden reality expressing loud emotions within those silent frames. And wait that's not all, I even fancy embellishing products, glamorizing people, and beautifying nature in my photographs.  


Days became months, months became years and with time relationship of me and my camera started to get matured as well. I decided to pursue photography as my vocation which led me to SCAD, The University for Creative Careers where I'm currently doing my Graduate studies in Photography. 

I believe magic and poetry resides on the roots of photography, since the very first principle of camera obscura where a tiny hole on one side of the dark room would reproduce the outer world on the opposite surface, the oldest photograph titled "View from the window at Le Gras" created by Nicéphore Niépce suggesting an exposure that lasted about eight hours, till the present day of digital age where every next individual is capable of making images in a split of a second. Photography has always been a time-based creation with the reception of light or as per the Greek roots definition, it's drawing with light. It's captivating even to think about it, isn't it ?

So what do you say? Let's create magic together ? Hit me up on Facebook, message me on Instagram, leave me an Email, the choice is yours, after all, I'm just a few clicks away and I promise I'll respond in my every waking hour.